AT LAST! A decent, almost normal, practically carb free bread! Perfect Primo Bread


Perfect Primo Bread

Like I’ve said before….I am a self admitted BREAD JUNKIE. I love bread. I like it toasted with butter, I like it grilled with cheese and bacon, I like it slathered with peanut butter and jelly. French toast, cinnamon toast, pizza toast. Panini, club sandwich, toasted with tuna, chicken salad. Egg sandwiches, finger sandwiches, BLT. Fluffernutter, ham & cheese, open faced turkey & gravy. Patty melt, Monte Cristo, Po’ Boy. Rueben, Sliders, & Dipped (in soup. au jus, sausage gravy)

So when I went low carb in July, giving up bread was the most difficult part.

Earlier this month I posted about my desperate search for the perfect bread recipe. The reason for THIS post….is that I may have FOUND IT!

Check it out low-carb, banting, LCHF, Paleo friends.  A delicious bread with under 2 carbs per slice!  It grills, toasts and spreads very well. It tastes as close to regular bread as it gets and it looks like white bread. Definitely worth a try!




1/2 cup Kerrygold butter, melted
3 teaspoons bacon grease (EDIT! it should be 3 TABLESPOONS) can also substitute with coconut oil!
8 eggs
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup almond flour
1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum
1/2 teaspoon salt


  • Preheat oven to 350*
  • Add eggs to food processor and process about 1 minute
  • add bacon grease and melted butter to eggs, mix until well combined
  • Add remaining ingredients, mix until it is a very thick milkshake consistency.
  • Scrape into a buttered loaf pan.
  • Bake for 40 minutes, make sure it passes the toothpick test.
  • Allow to cool before slicing into 16 slices

*Store in fridge for up to a week.


Sliced Loaf


Toasted with butter


80 thoughts on “AT LAST! A decent, almost normal, practically carb free bread! Perfect Primo Bread

  1. Hi Joy, the number one thing people seem to miss on a low carb plan is bread. It’s hard to believe that in January it will be two years since bread crossed my lips. Like you some bread recipes have just not been a success. This one looks great. I hope you don’t mind me reblogging this one.😉

    • It is still a bit on the odd taste scale but I think its always going to be that way as long as you are using almond and coconut flours. However the eggs, bacon grease and butter really give it a less strong almond flour taste. Its pretty good! You can substitute the bacon grease with coconut oil also , but that gives a more coconutty flavor.🙂

      • BACON!!🙂 Those are the magic words:) I’m going to try it just as written first, Then I was thinking hemp seed oil because it has a nutty flavor and the cooking temp is low enough to not break it down. I’ll report back after if it comes out different.

  2. This looks awesome! Bread is definitely at the top of the list for things I miss while on a low-carb diet. Just looking at that toast made me want to slather on the peanut butter or jam🙂. Can’t wait to try this out!

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    • Joyce, I think that given the heavy egg content, you would be able ti substitute coconut oil measure for measure with no problem….the next time I make it I will try the all coconut oil and see how it comes out! I’ll let you know!

    • I also cannot eat milk products anymore , (sigh) due to health issues. I’m going to try it with Earth Balance baking sticks instead of butter. It’s an organic product made with healthy oils. The version of Earth Balance that is Soy Free tastes amazingly like butter, but not the other ones, in my opinion. It’s hard to find except at Whole Foods.

      If it weren’t already 2:20 am I’d try this recipe immediately. It looks amazing. I’m hoping that using my glass loaf pan, instead of my metal ones, might possibly hold the heat better

    • Hmm I have had no issues with flatness at all…my loafs seem to flop over a little to the side but still don’t totally flatten, and a much more welcome loaf than some low carb loaves I’ve tried that don’t rise at all. The type of pan I use is a stoneware loaf pan, other than that I follow these directions every time. About to make a loaf right now in fact….

    • Jessica, after seeing a few others say theirs fell flat, I checked the recipe against my recipe card and noticed I’d made a mistake on the bacon grease measurement, in case you want to try again?

    • You could try separating the egg whites and yolks and whipping the whites until they form stiff peaks and then folding them back into the rest of the batter at the end. You’ll have to use bowls and a mixer instead of a blender but it might help to fluff it up.

  4. Hi There,
    i have tried this bread 3 times now and every time it rises well in the oven but then falls flat when it cools……can you please offer a reason why? i have tried cooling it in the bread pan, out of the bread pan, whisked the eggs well at the start and again once i have added the rest of the ingredients. The only different ingredient i have used is swapping butter for ghee. I use expensive organic eggs so it’s very disappointing that it doesn’t give me nice size slices worthy of making it. Thanks!!

    • Hi Melissa, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems with the recipe. I can only think it must be the ghee which I have never used. I am going to try making it this week with cocobut oil, would that be something you could use in place of butter? I completely understand how you want sizable slices! That’s one of the things that makes it so appealing to me also. Just out of curiosity….why no butter?

      • Hi, I am dairy and lactose free ( intolerant ). I could use coconut oil, would it be the same measurements as the butter? It rises beautifully but then once they come out of the oven it flattens right down. Can you please tell me exactly what you do once it finishes in the oven? Thanks heaps!! I love the bread, just want to it to look like yours and it would be perfect!

      • Melissa, Im still nt sure why you are having a problem other than the ghee. I have never baked with it but doing a little nosing around online I’ve read some conflicting reports about the ratio. Here are some suggestions for you to experiment with: 1. replace the bacon fat with an equal amount (3 Tablespoons i believe) of coconut oil and replace the butter with 1/3 cup ghee and 1/8 cup water. 2. Replace the butter with 1/4 cup ghee and 1/4 cup of applesauce (or fresh peeled apple processed to an applesauce consistency.). Either way I would replace the bacon grease with coconut oil, or even try leaving that ingredient out altogether, These are just some suggestions. ALSO, you can use a narrow deep loaf pan to get a higher slice as well. Please keep me posted on how things go!

      • Oh ok, so maybe I just can’t replace serve for serve with ghee…… Didn’t think of that. I will have to try suggestion 1 And let you know. I didn’t use any bacon grease as I can’t find it here in Australia but replaced it with ghee….. Guess that doesn’t work lol. Thanks for the suggestions. If I choose to use butter…… Can I replace 3 teaspoons of grease with melted butter?

      • I just made this today and mine looked like yours out of the oven, but after a few minutes it fell. I used bacon grease along with some coconut oil since I caught the change to 3 tbsp. My only change was THM baking blend instead of almond flour only as I didn’t have that.

    • Melissa, after seeing a few others say theirs fell flat, I checked the recipe against my recipe card and noticed I’d made a mistake on the bacon grease measurement, in case you want to try again?

    • first time for me to make this …..and mine too rose nicely in the oven and fell after taking it out……it looks great but wonder why it falls…..i did use the corrected amount of bacon grease….

  5. Melissa, you don’t buy bacon grease, you save it from cooking bacon. I’d also suggest checking the age of your xanthan gum, it’s what holds the structure together and allows those pockets of air to stay in the bread and not escape when cooling. I’ve made this bread many times as well as used it as a base and modified it to make some sandwich rolls.

  6. Oh DARN, no bacon grease…now I’ll have to cook some bacon…and eat it! Lots and lots of bacon to eat while waiting for delicious bread! Life doesn’t suck today one little bit😀 Thank you for the great recipe🙂

  7. I had the same issue as Melissa and I used all ingredients except the bacon grease. I replaced with 3 tbsp. oil. Mine also came out beautifully risen but then sunk a fair bit while cooling! Any suggestions??

    • Wendy, after seeing a few others say theirs fell flat, I checked the recipe against my recipe card and noticed I’d made a mistake on the bacon grease measurement, in case you want to try again?

      • What is the correct measurement to use for bacon grease??
        I keep seeing this comment over and over but there’s no definitive answer here in what the correct measurement is??

  8. I also had an issue with my bread deflating once out of the oven. I used all the ingedients ( different brand of butter) except bacon grease. I use 3 tbsp. of oil instead. Looked beautifully risen in the oven but fell a fair bit while cooling. Any suggestions!?
    p.s. i used a brand new Xantham gum.

  9. I just tried this today and my loaf also fell. I followed the recipe to the T. Would adding a little more baking powder help it rise more. I am not really a baker, just wanted to run this past you before I made it again, which I will definitely do. Taste was awesome, texture good, just looking for larger slices. Thank you so much for this recipe and all your hard work devising it.

    • Joyce, after seeing a few others say theirs fell flat, I checked the recipe against my recipe card and noticed I’d made a mistake on the bacon grease measurement, in case you want to try again?

      • What is the correct measurement to use for bacon grease??
        I keep seeing this comment over and over but there’s no definitive answer here in what the correct measurement is??

  10. I just made your bread tonight and I am hooked!! It’s super amazing! Thank you for your hard work and dilligence. This totally fits my Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. You rock!

  11. I would like to try making this in a read machine that was gifted to me but I’m not familiar with the machine.
    Would you have any recommendations on making this in a bread machine?
    Do you think it would work?

  12. I just made this with the proper ingredients and measurements (used coconut oil since I didn’t have bacon grease handy). Mine fell also. It looked gorgeous out of the oven. I’m still looking forward to tasting it once I can cut it, but I’m hoping there’s some sort of solution to this issue of the bread deflating.

  13. I made this today, using the appropriate ingredients and amounts. I used 3T coconut oil as I didn’t have bacon grease handy. Mine also deflated. I was a bit bummed because it was so gorgeous and fluffy coming out of the oven. Now it is very flat. I did taste it and I have to say the taste and texture is wonderful. So for me it’s worth keeping around to see if I can figure out this deflation issue. My ingredients were not old by the way, so I know that’s not it. If you do come up with a solution, I’d be curious to know. I will make again and hopefully eventually get it to not deflate!

  14. Just made this following exact instructions. It would be good if i liked real eggy bread but im not a fan. . The eggs were really over powering the texture. . Bit sad but oh well ☺

  15. Has anyone cracked the case of the fallen bread? The bread is delicious, but mine also fell after taking it out – I’ve been making mini sandwiches🙂. My theories are that a) the baking powder may have been too old or b) I needed to measure the almond flour more carefully. Has anyone seen success after making adjustments?

    Joy – thank you for the wonderful recipe!

  16. This is quite yummy! Mine fell flat as well, though I’m not sure why as I followed the recipe exactly. Perhaps I didn’t mix long enough? Would be absolutely perfect if it stayed nice and airy and risen. Thanks so much!

  17. Made it twice. Fell flat both times. Once I cooled out of the oven , once I the oven. Still tastes great just not sandwich size. I did use the adjusted bacon grease amount.

  18. Has a decent taste but mine has a very “wet” texture. Is this normal? This is my second time making some sort of Keto bread, the first time was for English muffins and those felt wet too. The texture doesn’t resemble bread to me. More like very dense and very very Moise cake. I can press and oil gets on my fingers. Would toasting help?

  19. Just made this bread. Waiting for it to cool so I can slice it. I baked it in a silicone loaf pan and it’s so pretty. But it raised really well on both ends and not much in the middle. Baked just a bit longer, about 44 minutes. Have you ever had this experience? I wonder if a glass loaf pan would work better, since I don’t have a stoneware one.

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  21. I made your bread tonight, and it tastes great. But it fell. Like, a lot. I used 3 tablespoons of melted coconut oil instead of bacon grease, but everything else was exactly the same. Any suggestions?

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  23. I followed the recipe precisely with 3 tablespoon of oil but my loaf still deflated after I took it out of the oven. Has anyone figured our what might be the cause?

  24. I made this and it was great!!! I did not have any trouble with the loaf falling after cooling. The slices are a little short though. I was wondering if anyone has tried increasing the recipe by 1/2 to create more volume and see if that makes it closer to a full size loaf?

  25. I made this today and although I absolutely love the taste and texture mine also fell flat after cooling. I followed the recipe and I’m not new to cooking. I tried cooking it an extra few minutes the second time and that didn’t make any difference. Just wondering if any others who had this problem have found a solution. I’m not giving up on this one. It’s just that great. I sure hope to figure this out.

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