3 ingredient, DIY, DEEP conditioner

With the approach of very cold winter temperatures, together with dry air from my home's new heating system, my hair and skin have become SUPER dry. My skin is itchy and ashy, and my hair is brittle and crispy on the ends.  There is no explanation for this condition other than the weather, since I don't use … Continue reading 3 ingredient, DIY, DEEP conditioner

Small changes, BIG DIFFERENCE!

2016 has arrived and as usual we are faced with the big question! How can we make this most of this year? CAN we make some small changes to really make a difference in our 2017? Absolutely! If you're anything like me, then you know how daily life can wear on you. Work, family life, … Continue reading Small changes, BIG DIFFERENCE!

Homemade Soft Pretzels

Fewer things make a person nostalgically reminisce of their childhood than home cooked food, especially when it's something that was traditionally made in your home, by the people who cared for you...mom, grandmom, whoever that special person was. So, it is a glorious moment when we recreate those recipes and find ourselves swimming in happy … Continue reading Homemade Soft Pretzels

So you don’t believe in resolutions?

It seems I always hear people say that.  "I don't believe in making resolutions". There are numerous reasons given of course, as to why. I've heard everything from, "I just never stick to them, so why bother" to "I don't need to make resolutions because if I want to change something I just do it, … Continue reading So you don’t believe in resolutions?

Cinnamon Cut Out Ornaments

One of my favorite holiday traditions each year is making Cinnamon Ornaments!  They are fast and easy to make and they smell absolutely delicious! I make new ones every year but I find that they keep for several years so be prepared to pack them up at the end of the season! The recipe is … Continue reading Cinnamon Cut Out Ornaments

Create your own Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece

You can change almost any container and flower bunch into a pretty and elegant table arrangement. Today I used a small pumpkin I'd been decorating my fall front porch with, and picked up a bunch of flowers at the market for $14.00. 1. Gather everything you will need. Flowers, vase/glass, tape (i generally use green floral … Continue reading Create your own Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece

AT LAST! A decent, almost normal, practically carb free bread! Perfect Primo Bread

Like I've said before....I am a self admitted BREAD JUNKIE. I love bread. I like it toasted with butter, I like it grilled with cheese and bacon, I like it slathered with peanut butter and jelly. French toast, cinnamon toast, pizza toast. Panini, club sandwich, toasted with tuna, chicken salad. Egg sandwiches, finger sandwiches, BLT. … Continue reading AT LAST! A decent, almost normal, practically carb free bread! Perfect Primo Bread