Bible Journaling & Art

Writing in your bible or “journaling” is all the rage these days…and while I fully admire some of the artwork in the beautiful bible journals I’ve seen, I just can’t bring myself to write in my bible, other than highlighting passages, and jotting tiny, cursive notes in the lined note filed of the margins.

Therefore, I journal all of my favorites passages and biblical quotes in artbooks.

I present you with….my bible journal art book entries.

IMG_20150605_1 IMG_20150606_105535 IMG_20150607_084058 IMG_20150607_094519 IMG_20150608_165619 IMG_20150609_14332211329776_10155552441570648_6888339129691457548_n

7 thoughts on “Bible Journaling & Art

  1. Words So Profound! Impress and impregnate these sweet incense and aroma of Words into our Heart!JOY! Inspirational words and artwork!

  2. Beautiful, lovely art works!
    I’m a Christian and I’m excited whenever I see one who’s not ashamed to tell the world about her faith. You are inspiring Joy! Please keep it up.

  3. I have loved looking at your blog and love the name JOYful Girl! Your love for Jesus is so evident. The journal art is so inspiring…Thank you for sharing your recipes, art and life!

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