My LOVE/HATE relationship with the Keurig Machine

Like every other house in America, we have a Keurig machine.
We buy K-cups in all kinds of flavors. We clean out the water dispenser, use filtered water, everything we are supposed to do to make amazing coffee. Yet, said keurig coffee still does not impress me.

Let me back track enough to say that I love coffee.  Last year my husband and I built a coffee bar in an empty nook in our kitchen.  It houses the Keurig, a regular automatic drip coffee maker and a french press.  There is a “space” for a very expensive, serious espresso machine, which I have yet to afford.


I’ve had and HAVE some of the best coffees in the world. My coffee bar is stocked with Jamaican Blue beans, Kona beans, Fazenda Santa Ines beans and even a

small stash of Luwak beans (only because I have a few awesome Indonesian friends that I met via BlackBerry’s BBM app).

My preferred method of brewing these fresh ground beans is French Press. I love the aroma of the bloom and the deep rich flavor that you can only get in a French Press, The Automatic drip is my second favorite tool on the bar. The reason being because you can select the amount of grounds to vary the richness of course.

Then….there’s the Keurig. The fast food version of coffee. And when I say that it is purely because of the convenience factor, since fast food restaurants have pretty good coffee for the most part. When I’m in a rush and I don’t have time for my french press to bloom and steep, OR I don’t really feel up to the amount from a pot of the automatic drip, I turn the Keurig on. It’s especially convenient on work days when I get up at 5:15 AM, and am to sleepy to navigate the kitchen without the possibility of serious injury. Anyway, so I wait for it to do its little heating up thing, whilst I prepare my cup with my usual 2 tsps. Heavy Whipping Cream, then I watch……always epically disappointed as the trickle of “very light brown” coffee water fills my cup. This is indeed a sad cup of coffee to drink. I almost don’t even want to bother.

So….love the convenience? YES
Love the coffee? No

What is a girl to do?  I suppose my only option is to to get up just a tiny bit earlier so that I can have french Press Coffee every day.

OH the trials of the lazy and sleepy, coffee snob girl.🙂

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