So you don’t believe in resolutions?


It seems I always hear people say that.  “I don’t believe in making resolutions”. There are numerous reasons given of course, as to why. I’ve heard everything from, “I just never stick to them, so why bother” to “I don’t need to make resolutions because if I want to change something I just do it, I don’t wait for Jan 1st!” In all honesty, I’ve felt this way myself some years. My brain wants me to make great BIG, life changing resolutions that SOUND easy in theory, but then become very difficult to achieve. Like…LOSE TWENTY POUNDS, GO TO THE GYM EVERY DAY, GIVE UP ALL JUNK FOOD, SAVE MORE MONEY, QUIT AN ADDICTION. These things roll off of the tongue so easily when saying what the resolution is…but when it comes to doing it, unless you have really got some serious willpower, or some underlying reason to stick to the resolution, it can become daunting very quickly and then we simply give up. Look at the gym for example.  Every gym is PACKED all day long in January, but by February/March, the parking lot is easier to maneuver, because the quitters have quit.  I am one such quitter.

So…while I wholeheartedly dislike New Years Resolutions based on that history, I don’t want to completely give up on them.  In fact, I’d like to TRY to embrace them, and I just might have found a way to do that. Here’s the plan.  Instead of making big flashy difficult resolutions, I will just keep it simple.  Instead of making a resolution that benefits me, I will resolve to help someone else on my journey. I don’t want to be a quitter this year! I want to be a WINNER, and I want to share my winnings.🙂

So wish me luck folks as I try to choose one or more of the above resolutions to work towards! I wish you luck too, and hey, if you don’t believe in making resolutions, that’s okay too.  I get it! If you ARE planning a resolution, what is it?  Share!

Artwork Credit: Joy Mariah Clark


2 thoughts on “So you don’t believe in resolutions?

  1. My name is patrick my resolution is to try be more positive i am sick cant work anymore i have sickness of miniere its about the balance they are both broke in my ears i am always dizzy like i am drunk my hearing sucks lol . And i have artritis in my back and leg so i also have pain all day and cant walk far .last year i hat a devorce i live alone now and its a bad feeling be alone with all mine problems but now in 2016 i gonne try to be more positive and i hope there are some nice people to talk to in real life and in BBM
    thafs why i left my bbm on here 7E151844
    I am from holland so keep on going 😃

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