I’ve decided that I am not “crunchy”, because while I am seriously into SOME all natural products and processes, I have not replaced all things in my life with all natural or organic. Therefore, I am calling myself “CRISPY”.

So far ALL of the crispiness I have tried has been very successful for me. I’ve been extremely happy with my decision to implement all of it. Below is a list I will be building of the “CRISPY” life adaptations that I have made which I would like to share with you.

Feel free to message me, email me, or comment if I can answer any questions you might have.

No Poo Hair Management Method (NO! this has nothing to do with bowel movements!) click HERE

AMAZING things you can do with Coconut Oil (and a choice few things you should NOT do with coconut oil. Click HERE

Sugar Scrub and Salt Scrub, never use SOAP again, Click HERE

All natural, awesome SUGAR WAX for waxing ANYWHERE. Click HERE

HENNA! I always thought women who used henna were hippy freaks… Click HERE

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