Simple & Sweet Ponytail Hat Pattern

I might be addicted to creating crochet patterns. I just love sitting down with a ball of yarn, a hook and no idea what will come out at the end!


Right now, these hats are all the rage! I’ve made a few myself for holiday gifts and I wanted to try a few different designs so my friends weren’t all getting the same thing…it’s all about customization!

This version of the messy bun or Ponytail Hat is my favorite! I really love how it turned out! It feels substantial and warm even though the yarn is a lighter weight (medium weight).

If you make this hat please share a photo of your finished work, I’d really like to see how they all come out!

Simple & Sweet Ponytail Hat Pattern

I used Bernat Satin Yarn in Sea Shell and Grey Mist Heather.  I used a size H/5.00 mm hook. You will need a hairband that will create the top foundation of this hat. It took approximately3 hours to complete this project.

Attach your yarn with a slip stitch to the hair band.

Chain 17. SC into the 2nd chain from the hook and all other chains up the row. (16 SC) *SC into the hair band. Do not chain, turn your work, SC into the BLO back down the row (16 BLO SC) chain 1, turn, SC into the BLO back up the row (16 BLO SC) Repeat from * until you have completed 76 rows. Tie off leaving a long 12″ or so, tail. Using a plastic yarn needle, connect the two ends by overlapping, lining up, and sewing by hand ensuring the pattern looks consistent. Tie off again and weave in the end.

Now attach the gray to the end of the first original chain 17 row. Chain 2, SC into the end of all 76 rows. (76 SC) Join with a SL ST. Chain 3 (counts as a D.C.), 2 DC into the same stitch as the Chain 3. *Chain 1, skip the next 3 stitches, 3 DC into the 4th stitch. Repeat from * until a SL ST connects you to the original Chain 3, then add two more slip stitches to get your hook over to the first chain 1 space.

⭐️Chain 3, 2 DC into that space, Chain 1, 3 DC into the next space. Repeat from* all the way around the hat. SL ST to the Chain 3. SL ST 2 more times to get your hook over to the big chain 1 space.  Repeat from ⭐️ for one additional row. Tie off and weave in the grey end.

Attach your sea shell yarn back onto the grey yarn at the tie off spot with a SL ST. *Chain 2. SC into each stitch around the hat. SL ST to the Chain 2. Repeat from * for 3 additional rows.

⭐️Chain 3. *FPDC in the next 2 stitches. BPDC in the next 2 stitches. Repeat from * around the rest of the hat. SL ST to the Chain 3. Repeat from ⭐️ for 2 additional rows, making sure that you lineup the FPDC and BPDC to ensure the ribbing looks consistent and even. Tie off and weave the end and in.

Congratulations! You have a simple and sweet ponytail hat. ENJOY!

ps. I want to thank my friend Emily for modeling the hat for me, she’s a lovely girl and makes my hat look even prettier than it already was! Thank you, Emily!


8 thoughts on “Simple & Sweet Ponytail Hat Pattern

    • Hi Linda! If you are a true beginner and need some tutorials on how to do separate stitches etc, I reycommend you check out “Jada in stitches” on YouTube. She has video tutorials from a basic chain stitch on up. Her videos are great! Good luck with the project!

    • Hi Bridget!
      I haven’t made one for a child but I would guess the change would be 60 rows instead of 76. Also start off with 13 chains instead of 17. So…..60 rows of 12 stitches. Then 60 SC when you switch over to the 2nd color.

      Usually kids hats are 10-15 stitches fewer in general. Let me know how it works out!

  1. IV been trying to make ur ponytail hat simple& sweet I’m kind of list plz help it says 75 rows is that one for up and down or is that two and also it says all 76 rows on the next step so I’m also lost there I’m not new to crocheting but I am new to crocheting hats

    • Hi Debbie!
      So each row is counted as one row, (from the ponytail holder down 17 stitches is one row. When you turn and go back to the ponytail holder, thats another row.) The rows are vertical.
      Once you have handstitched your rows together, the next step is to make 76 stitches around horizontally (one stitch for each row.
      If you can make this hat, your doing great! It’s a little challenging for a new hat maker, but not too bad! I’d like to see your finished project! 🙂 good luck!

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