412 Followers. I appreciate you all. : )

Wow 412 people actually read my drivel.

LOL! The truth is….I’m honored that you each read what I have to say. REALLY truly honored.

Some people have messaged me asking me to get a little more personal on this blog like I was on my BBM channel before this, so I am going to try a different approach!

Hope you all like whats coming!

Please continue to share the site and COMMENT!!!

Thanks so much!

Selling my White Blackberry Q10


Q10 for sale

White Q10, used for less than 3 days, has a skinomi tech skin screensaver installed on the device. Device is in prestine, perfect condition, no scratches, dings or marks. Box is in perfect condition as well. Charger is brand new has not even been removed from the plastic, comes with an OEM Blackberry extra battery bundle, OEM White Hard Shell Case with Screen protector, never used, OEM Leather Holster never used. Original receipt showing purchase made 5/14 for 399.99
There’s nothing at all wrong with the device, I liked it cause it’s sexy as hell, but I just could never get used to the physical keyboard, I’m an all touch screen kind of girl. :)

If you purchased all of these items today at shopblackberry.com, you’d pay. 386.76, Im selling the bundle!!! I will also consider a trade for a different phone (not a Z10, I have enough of those already) : )

To green, or not to green…

I’m on a Green Smoothie “kick”!
I decided to give these odd sounding smoothies a try when I was fasting from solid foods and only consuming liquids.  My fast was for 21 days and I knew my body couldn’t handle the lack of basic nutrition for that long,  especially being under a doctors care for a serious health condition. 

So….I did a little research. 
The next thing I knew I was at the grocer’s picking up this:

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Thank you Robin Williams…


I was sitting on the sofa reading and cuddling under a soft blanket when I heard my husband, who was scanning the internet, say…”Robin Williams Died”.


Prior to hearing the details of his death and the circumstances, I had a little time to reflect on this information. Here was what I came up with.

My Dear Robin,

OH……oh, how you have made me laugh. How many times, how many places!
It started with “Mork” from “Ork” and those rainbow suspenders. Your naive character from another land cracked up the 7 year old me, over and over.

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Life’s Little Rules


We all have a different set of rules that govern our lives…what works for one doesnt work for another, my rules may not fit your lifestyle and vice versa. It’s important though that we know OUR set of rules.

Having a set of rules helps you keep YOU in check, and it helps you keep your boundaries and your sanity in place.

If you don’t have a set of rules, there’s no time like the present to get started on one.

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Interview of skepticism…


This year has been difficult, things happened that made me question people at the deepest level of humanity.  I came to the point where I trusted zero people.  No one.  Not a single, solitary person.
Then,  thankfully,  I met someone who helped me begin to “restore” my hope and faith in people.
It’s not an easy process.  I still don’t and won’t trust most.

I see the situation like a metaphorical door,  of which I am the sole door keeper.  When someone approaches the door…I decide if they will be granted access. Continue reading