Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Orange Sherbet

A tasty treat for anytime. Warm summer nights, hot days by the pool, curled up on the sofa watching TV with the family…anytime is a good time for Sherbet.
This cool Turkish treat came onto the scene in the 17th century and is quite versatile. You can eat it as is (my favorite way of course) serve it frozen between two cookies, make a sherbet slush or a sherbet punch. The possibilities are endless.
My recipe calls for Orange Jello and chocolate but you can easily use the base recipe and change the flavors. Raspberry Jello and chopped pecans for example.
I’d love your comments and to see you share YOUR ideas if you come up with something new!
Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Orange Sherbet
1 small pkg. Sugar Free Orange Jello

3/4 cup heavy cream
1 Tbsp. Xylitol
1 cup boiling water
3 squares Lindt 90% cocoa
Dissolve Jello in boiling water, set aside to cool.
Prepare whipped cream (follow THIS recipe but omit the hershey’s cocoa)
Pour cooled Jello into whipped cream and gently fold in.
Fold in the chocolate.
Freeze to soft serve consistency (about 1/2 hour)
Chocolate chip Sherbet

ALMOST Sugar Free Caramel Sauce (or Salted Caramel Sauce)


I say ALMOST sugar-free because I’ve used Truvia Brown Sugar Blend which has molasses in it, making the sugar and carb count slightly increase. You can save (1) ONE carb by ditching the Truvia, increasing the Xylitol to 1/2 cup and adding
1 tsp. Black Strap Molasses and 1/2 tsp maple extract. It’s only one carb less, but that’s at least //SOMETHING! I use the Truvia out of convenience. Do whatever works for you.

This caramel sauce is delectable in coffee, over my chocolate chip orange sherbet or (hopefully) over the Coconut Lemon Cake in a cup that is cooling in the kitchen right now! I’ll let you know how that tastes after I try it! I’m about to go have it RIGHT NOW!

ALMOST Sugar Free Caramel Sauce (or Salted Caramel Sauce)

1/3 cup white granulated Xylitol
1/4 cup Truvía® Brown Sugar Blend,
1 egg yolk (beaten)
2 Tbsp butter (i recommend Kerrygold or Homemade)
1/4 heavy whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2  tsp sea salt (if you want Salted Caramel Sauce)

Simply combine all of the ingredients into a saucepan, and bring the mixture to a boil over medium high heat. Boil, stirring constantly, until the sugar is dissolved and caramel begins to get a bit frothy. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly before pouring into a glass container. (Cool all of the way if using a plastic container).

Salted Caramel Sauce

Staircase Word Art Project


I was just looking for a way to make the simple staircase on the way up to Jake’s sleep loft really just POP! It had to be something that would be “acceptable” to a teenage kid who EATS, SLEEPS and BREATHES music so I asked him to help come up with an idea. We decided to go with his favorite bands!
I considered hand painting it, but Jake is very specific about wanting EXACT fonts to go with the bands album covers, so we decided on vinyl. The rest couldn’t have been any easier, I ordered laser cut vinyl lettering custom cut to fit the size of the risers. I’ve always ordered vinyl from an awesome guy named Mark, in New Jersey….he always does a fantastic job and always gets my orders perfect. You can see his shop HERE.
I ordered the vinyls on Monday and they arrived Thursday. Quick and easy.
Installation was equally quick and easy.
No, this isn’t a difficult project, it really isn’t DIY even.  It’s just a simple installation of vinyl, but it really gives a CUSTOM look to any space, and the most important thing….my kid LOVES it!

If you want to see more ideas just do a Pinterest/Google search on “Staircase Word Art”. Maybe you’ll get inspired to snaz up one of your own areas with some cool vinyl lettering or designs!

Good Luck!

Chicken Joy Joy


Call me narcissistic, but hey….when you make up a recipe that tastes THIS GOOD, you kind of want to name it after yourself! So…thats EXACTLY what I did!

Despite the obvious name dropping, bragging on myself, and the shameless “tooting my own horn”, the fact is, this is a pretty darn good recipe and it tastes like sheer and utter heaven.  Totally delightful and an absolute “JOY” to eat! (did you see what I did there? hehehe)

But enough being overly proud of myself. Let’s get to the recipe!

Chicken Joy-Joy
4 Chicken Breasts
4 Tbsp. Butter (divided)
Himalayan Pink Salt
Fine Black Pepper
1/3 cup toasted pecans (see bottom for toasting instructions)
1 Tbsp. Minced Garlic
4 Tbsp. Heavy Whipping Cream


Preheat oven to 350*

Melt two Tbsp of the butter in your cast Iron skillet, add the garlic.
Salt and pepper both sides of each breast.
When garlic is beginning to become aromatic and butter is starting to bubble, add the chicken breasts to the pan.  Cook the chicken, turning frequently, until it begins to brown up.  When both sides are nice and brown remove the pan from the stove and place it in the oven.  Cook until the center of the chicken reaches 160-165*.  Mine took 11 minutes but it all depends on the thickness of your chicken.  Check often until its right.

Remove the pan from the oven, set the breasts aside, and melt the other two Tbsp. of butter in the pan along with the pan drippings and remaining garlic.  Add the heavy whipping cream, and the toasted pecans.  Stir as it heats and darkens in color.  Remove from the heat.  Spoon over the chicken breasts and serve.

When you are finished eating, scream and shout for JOY! (I jest about that part of course!)

*Toasting the pecans. First crush them, unless they are already crushed. You could also just chop them a little.  You don’t want them to small. Line a cookie sheet with parchment (I just use my toaster oven and the small cookie sheet that fits inside of it. But you can use a regular cookie sheet and oven if you don’t have a toaster oven. Toast or broil on low just until then are browned a bit dark, (10 min in my toaster oven)  Allow to cool before touching them.

Chicken Joy Joy

Macadamia Nut Butter


You can EASILY whip up a container of your own homemade Macadamia Nut Butter. In all honesty, nothing could be simpler…..truly!

Here is my recipe:

Macadamia Nut Butter
Ingredients: One container of macadamia nuts 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp xylitol

Directions: Dump the ingredients into the food processor. Turn it on for 2 minutes. Scoop it into a container. VOILA! You have Macadamia Nut Butter! Spread on toast, Make a MB&J sandwich, or replace peanut butter in nearly any recipe. Cookies, cakes, frosting, anything really.

Now I know your probably exhausted from all the hard work that went into making this MNB! Haha, the truth is, it’s more difficult to clean up the food processor than it is to make this dish! :)

Macadamia Nut Butter, a heavenly little treat with a bold taste!

Cheddar Coconut Zucchini Bread


I think I must have an addiction.  I’m addicted to finding and/or creating the perfect bread.  One that tastes so good that I want to make grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly on it. After YEARS and YEARS of being a white wonder bread kind of girl, the fact is, all I really want is: white wonder bread.
LCHF/Banting leaves no room for white wonder bread and its 26 carbs per serving. A substitute MUST be found! Continue reading

Scrumptious Seed Crackers

seed crackers

Crackers are fantastic aren’t they?  Topped with cheese, veggies, meats, and dips.
I can’t tell you how many triscuits (20 carbs/9 crackers) ritz (10 carbs/5 crackers) or wheat thins (22 carbs/16 crackers) I’ve consumed in my lifetime.  I am a cracker loving girl after all!
So THIS recipe….this has been my banting miracle! And the best part is, they couldn’t be any simpler or any more versatile! Start off with the base recipe and add different ingredients and spices to make different taste combinations! I’ve added a few flavor combinations at the end of the basic recipe, but you can obviously try any combination you like.  If you have an idea for a tasty combo please reply and share! Continue reading