REARTH Ringke Leather DISCOVER Case

Today I received my much awaited Ringke Leather Discover Case for the Blackberry Passport.

I was ordering one of the awesome REARTH Ringke Fusion cases when this “Discover Case” caught my eye. So I decided to give it a chance.

I had been looking for a folder or “diary” style case for awhile now.  Everyone had suggested the Stilgut Case, but it didn’t have all the features I wanted. In fact, none of the diary cases I had seen had all of the features I wanted, until I found this RINGKE case and I finally found ALL of those desired features in the “DISCOVER“.

So lets get right to exploring those features.

Protection: Your precious passport will have FULL coverage and protection in this case. Inside each Discover case there is a Ringke Fusion case mounted.  That alone, gives you fabulous coverage and protection from drops or falls.  Adding the leather exterior only doubles that protection.

IMG_20150213_162514 5

Looks: This case is made with 100% high quality, genuine luxurious leather.  Furthermore, it is 100% handmade, with precision attention to every last detail. Someone who takes pride in their work has touched this case over and over making it perfect for you to use.  I can already see how much sexier and more luxurious  it will get and feel with age, like most high quality leather products do.

Function: This cases functionality actually TICKLES ME PINK! A built-in stand is a great feature, the cover simply folds to produce a secure stand to comfortably view your favorite movies or videos and make video calls. All ports are easily accessible with the case closed.  The inside of the case offers three slots for cards and ID’s as well as two pockets slots for larger papers or cash. It is a fully functioning wallet. The case has magnetic operation for your passport screen AND, most importantly, the case stays closed without a buckle or snap.

IMG_20150214_145725 IMG_20150214_150224

The Ringke Discover Case for the Blackberry Passport has EVERYTHING this girl was looking for in a case, I think it’s PERFECT! I’m looking forward to seeing how this case will do with time. An update will certainly be coming with that information, so be on the lookout for that!


creamygarlicpastaThe first thing I NEED to say in this post is basically a disclaimer. I have NO IDEA what the original origin of this recipe is. It was found on facebook where it was copied and pasted from Pinterest which was probably linked to a website that may or may not have stolen it from food network, or some other recipe database. The point is….its not MY recipe. Anyway! Despite the fact that the original origin of the recipe is unknown…it is still a DELICIOUS comfort food that MUST be shared!

Therefore I bring you….

Simple Garlic Spaghetti

2 teaspoon olive oil
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons butter
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper

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Homemade Soft Pretzels

Homemade Baked Soft Pretzels
Homemade Baked Soft Pretzels

Fewer things make a person nostalgically reminisce of their childhood than home cooked food, especially when it’s something that was traditionally made in your home, by the people who cared for you…mom, grandmom, whoever that special person was.

So, it is a glorious moment when we recreate those recipes and find ourselves swimming in happy memories of days gone by.

Take these homemade soft pretzels.

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Crock Pot “FATAL” Mac & Cheese

Joy's "FATAL" Mac & Cheese
Joy’s “FATAL” Mac & Cheese

I’m trying, oh so hard, to watch my carbs, sugar and caloric intakes so I can lose a few pounds in accordance with my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!


Some days…..

I just want to eat fattening, carb filled, COMFORT FOOD!

Like this recipe that I made up last summer….Fatal Mac and Cheese.

Its a dump and go crock pot recipe, buit its sooooo rich and delicious and….I think it could kill me, hence the name I gave it.

If you like RICH, CREAMY, BUTTERY, CHEESY mac and cheese with a little bit of crunch to it, this recipe is for you.

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Blackberry? Blessings? Back?


I’ve truly been blessed by the relationships that Blackberry has brought into my life over the years, and the perks that those friendships bring.

Take this new unlocked Blackberry passport. It arrived on my front porch last week, unannounced. I hadn’t ordered it…but there it was…a beautiful, powerful, sleek device. PERFECT!

This gift had come from my closest BBM friend. Let me talk about BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for a moment. BBM is so much different than whatsapp or any of those other newer messaging apps, even though they were all based on the platform originated by Blackberry.  For starters, it is THE ORIGINAL. Not an app, but an intregal part of the Blackberry Operating System. Although it is now available as an app on all other operating systems. (hint, hint folks, if you havent already tried it you should!) The friendships I have formed through BBM are real, and wonderful.  I’ve met many of the people that I know through BBM in real life, and I have met and befriended people from all over the world, which has allowed me to be exposed to different cultures as we all share our experiences with each other.

And then there is…well lets call him BOB. BOB is THE guy that I met on BBM two years ago but soon realized that I’d actually met him before, back in 2007 when we both had Blackberry Storms (that phone is a whole other discussion for another time!) Since reconnecting with Bob, I have always told him everything and never hidden a single detail…we have had the longest and best conversations and talked about the craziest stuff! It’s so awesome to have a friend that I don’t have to keep ANYTHING from. I can tell him even the CRAP about myself that I don’t want anyone else to know, and BOB does the same with me. Do you know how fabulous it is to have a person like that in your life? Yet…Bob and I have never met face to face. But that’s okay because it gives me something to look forward to, since Bob, myself and a few other BBM friends are all planning a meet up in Vegas this summer!

Bottom line? I received this phone because Bob just happened to have an extra one. Because BlackBerry users are unique…different. They prefer to pay it forward and offer devices to each other, or share what they are blessed with. They are rarely selfish, they are giving and “Bob”

So here I am, back on BlackBerry with what I can honestly say is the BEST device I have ever used. Buh-Bye Samsung Galaxy Note IV, you were fun at times, but mostly…you were annoying. Lol!

Hello BlackBerry Passport! And thank you Bob! :)

EASY CHEESY Egg Omlette Muffins


EASY CHEESY Egg Omlette Muffins
EASY CHEESY Egg Omlette Muffins

I’ve seen all kinds of little breakfast muffins online so I decided to try out one today, I didnt follow any recipe, and just used the ingredients that I had on hand in the icebox.  So here’s what I came up with.


Dice up one large potato


Chop 1/2 of a large onion

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Day Seven thru Day 30…ugh.

I suck.

Yup. Totally suck.

I have ASPIRATIONS to accomplish things, but I don’t always meet the challenge.

So, as per my usual, I got totally busy and wrapped up in this thing called “LIFE”, and I completely ignored my poor little blog for 24 days.  But not just a regular 24 days…oh no.  I ignored it for 24 days when I had made a commitment to myself to post something I was thankful for every day.

I am an EPIC FAIL.

Now that I have sufficiently scolded and publicly berated myself, I am going to attempt to right my wrong.

Thus…this combined post.

I won’t waste any more of your time, I’ll just get right to it.

Day 7: Restore Church, my pastor, Jess Bousa and his amazing wife Elizabeth. Not just the church or the pastor, but the church family, the wonderful friendships I have developed through the church, my small group, and especially, the ladies that all support each other and help each other to stay on track, focused and joyful every day.

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Day Seven

They say it calms the savage beast.
Babies in NICU’s are proven to grow stronger when exposed to music than those without.
Relaxing music induces sleep.
Music is used in therapy to aide in cronic pain, depression and high blood pressure.
Music along with physical activity produces better overall results.
Music has been proven to be an aid in preventing violent behavior in prisons.

Ever heard a song you haven’t heard in awhile and feel it put a smile on your face, or well up with tears because it pulls emotions from your inner most hidden places?

Music leaves a permanent indelible mark on our souls and sometimes we don’t even realize it.


I like so much, musically speaking. So many genres capture my attention! Everything from Joni Mitchell to Enimen. I rarely find music that I dislike or can’t tolerate, although “gangster rap” and “screamo” are definitely not on my favorites list.

The thing I like most about music is its ability to completely CHANGE your mood and transport you to an entirely different place than you were just a moment ago.

I wanted to insert a video clip for you all to watch but I’m not that skilled with blogging from my mobile device….so I’m just going to insert a link to one of my favorite musical pieces. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it brings a smile to your face!
Click here to see the video

MUSIC. Number Seven on my list.

Day Six


Today I am thankful for books AND for the public library where I can read as many as I want for FREE!
NOT that I mind buying books, it’s just that every space on every book shelf that I own is full!
I keep looking for ways to incorporate new book shelves into my decor!
“WHY DON’T YOU JUSY START READING DIGITAL BOOKS?” my friends all say. But I just can’t do it! It’s not for lack of trying. I tried! 1. At work, I look at computer screens all day, then I spend another couple hours a day looking at things on my phone or tablet. I don’t want to look at anything else digitally a day! I’m seriously going blind from monitors and devices!
2. I enjoy the feel, weight, and even the smell (yes the smell) of an actual book. The smell of the ink, on top of the smell of the paper, of a brand new book is sooooooo sexy to me! Haha!
3. This is entirely shameful and embarrassing to admit. I don’t use bookmarks. I turn the corner of the page down.  My own books, library books….if you loaned me a book,  you’d get it back with pages that had been turned down and were then straightened out. I LIKE turning down page corners.

Of course I have to mention how thankful I am for the freedom to read books and for the ability to be able to choose the content myself, but that’s really a whole seperate day of thankfulness of its own. (more on that one later this month)

Speaking of content however; what I like to read is practically anything! But I do have a certain penchant for the classics. I also adore fiction. And lately have been delving into the easy to read young adult world (mostly because Hollywood likes to makes movies based on YA material and I like to read the book before I see the film)

Books books books and more books.
This is what I’m thankful for today.